Author's Guidelines

Author Guidelines

1.The article should be written in MS Word. In-page & PDF files would not be considered.

2.The Name of author, title/designation, email and mailing addresses, phone number and name of affiliated institution must be submitted along with manuscripts.

3.Article should not exceed 20 pages

4.Font style for English will be Times New Roman, Noori Nastaaliq for Urdu and Traditional Arabic for Arabic. The citation style should be MLA/APA.

5.The Font size for text in Times New Roman is 12 and for Traditional Arabic and Noori Nastaliq it is 14.Headings must be in Bold and 14 font size for Arabic and Urdu.For English article heading in 12 size and Bold.Abstract in 12 size in Times New Roman for all.

6.The inserted quotations of the other languages must be translated into the languages of the article.

7.The Research articles must be in dully composed form, free of all errors and omissions. The contributors can opt English, Urdu or Arabic languages.

8.The manuscripts submitted to Al-Lauh should not have been published elsewhere in another journal.

9.Name of only one Co author with principal author will be accepted.

10.Address for corresponding to Al-Lauh is [email protected].

Instructions for Compilation:

Research article should contain as follows:

1 Abstract

In abstract there should be background and conclusion of the larger topic.

2 Key words

There should be five relevant keywords.

3 Introduction

A brief introduction of the work is mandatory at the start of article.

4 Subject Matter

In this portion, relevant details and arguments will be given.

5 Conclusion

By giving the arguments, conclusion should be shown at the end of the article.

6 Citation and the end notes

Citation and the end notes should be given to acknowledge the different sources used in the work.


Required patterns of necessary references:

  1. Printed Book

Ibn-e-khatir, imad-ud-din, Tasfeer-ul-Quran-ul-azeem, Beruit ,Maktaba Dar-e-sadir,1354H,Vol.2 p.312.

  1. News Papers

Afzal alis hargi,Judiciary and investigation, Daily Dawn,Karachi,June 19,2017 Catalogue.

  1. Internet

Dr.Ibrahim B Syed, Big Bang theory from Quranic Perspective http//www.irf.ORG,Retrived on June 19,2017

  1. Translated Books

Zainab al Ghazali, Return of Ph araoh, Translated by Mokrane Guezzou,Islamic foundation,UK,2006 P.2019