Policy for Editor

To provide reliable, readable journal.

To maintain standards of the Journal.

To provide clarification for any mistake in journal.

The Editor’s Responsibilities

  • To apply the process of blind peer review.
  • To promote academic research by applying the HEC plagiarism policy
  • To promote freedom of speech within the legal framework
  • To implement the journal’s policy in true spirit.
  • To maintain the standard of the Journal by publishing quality research work
  • To tell the authors about the policy of journal.

Editorial Policy

Al-Lauh is purely an Islamic and Arabic learning Journal that occupies an exclusive status in the sphere of Islamic Studies, its editorial policy is as follows:

1.In Al-Lauh the research articles on the topics of Arabic language and literature and Quranic and Hadith literature will be published. The issues regarding Fiqh, Seerah, World Religions, Islamic Culture and mysticism will also be considered for publication.

2.It is bi-annual Journal which will be published in the month of Juna and December in a year.

3.Each article for consideration will be evaluated by two approved per reviewers foreign and International.

4.Rules and Regulations of HEC regarding publication of Al-Lauh will be applied.

5.The verdict of editorial board related to publication of article will be the last and final.

  1. Editorial Board reserves the right to accept the articles without change, with changes or reject them.
  2. Al-Lauh is not bound to comply with opinions of the writers.
  3. Article sent to Al-Lauh will be in the ownership of Al-Lauh. They will be unreturnable.