Mysticism in Islam: A Journey to the Divines


  • Sadia Mehmood Government College Women University Faisalabad
  • Zain Manzoor Government College Women University Faisalabad


Islmic sufism, or mysticism, represents a multifaceted dimension and profound of Islamic civilization, characterized by their  quest as spiritual closeness toward God. This paper examine the historical origins, influential figures, key principles, practices, and every broader impact about Sufism within and beyond every Islamic  world. Originally emerging just as a reaction  toward every materialism of the original  Umayyed time, sufism developed toward a distinct divine path. Central toward this path do every concepts  about Tawhid (oneness of God), devotion, love, and selflessness, deeply fixed in Quranic conduct and Hadith. The lesson highlights significant donation of Sufi celebrity such as Ibn Arabi, Rumi, and Al-Ghazali, which have profoundly  changed Islamic philosophy, literature, and spirituality. The paper too delves into every rituals of Sufism and practices, counting Tariqa (every Sufi  path),  Dhikr (Divine rememberance), and Sama (spiritual ecstasy over music). These policies not only back spiritual extension and personal transformation although also devote significantly toward Islamic art, literature, and music. The influence about Sufism in advancing interfaith global spirituality and dialogue is repeat, demonstrating it is role in attaching different religious practice and fostering broad value of oneness, love, and compassion. Moreover, the study location the controversies surrounding Sufism and critiques, especially its relationship along orthodox islam along with  every challenges it look in contemporary company, such just as redicalization and commercialization.against these test, sufism's enduring  estate as a global force in every realm of otherworldliness and your emphasis above universal human morals positions it just as a vital middle in every understanding about Islamic culture along with spirituality. This analysis of Sufism confess its significance now providing an extra comprehensive along with nuanced understanding about Islam, highlighting its act in personal development, cultural enhancement, and understanding beyond diverse communities.




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