Tracing Islamic Motifs through the Lens of Bhera Woodwork


  • Tooba Najam Government College Women University Faisalabad
  • Dr Smina Nasim Punjab University Lahore


The art of Subcontinent was influenced by many art forms from different areas of the world including Persian and Modern art. Islamic Art has strong influence on the Muslim art of Subcontinent and Islamic motifs are a prominent part of Muslim artworks created before and after partition. Mughal miniatures have geometric and floral border designs which are borrowed from Islamic patterns previously found in Islamic architectural decorations and manuscript illustrations with border designs.

After partition, the art and craft of both India and Pakistan have many diverse influences which may be traced through comparative and analytical studies. Bhera, a town in Punjab, Pakistan, is famous for woodwork, practiced by artisans of the city in the form of multiple crafts including combs, tazias and wood carving on furniture and wooden balconies and doors. Among the distinct crafts of Bhera, wood carving on doors and architectural structures is of significant importance of all. The motifs carved by craftsmen of Bhera draw a link back to Islamic art patterns, found in Islamic architectural structures and painted manuscripts.




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